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Magnetek Collision Avoidance LaserGuard 2 Systems

Magnetek’s LaserGuard2 enhances the performance of overhead material handling systems by preventing crane-to-crane or crane-to-end-stop collisions. Avoiding collisions results in reduced maintenance costs and increased operator safety. This system is ideal for use with all types of cranes with adjustable frequency drives, soft starters, or contactor controls.

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The most technologically advanced collision avoidance system available, LaserGuard2 features self-monitoring optical lasers that automatically check and relay required adjustment information to cranes, helping avoid collisions and freeing up operators to work on other tasks. This system combines pushbutton programming for easy operation with flexibility to manage crane-to-crane and crane-to-wall operation.


  • Eight inch to 150 foot detection range*
  • IP65 rating for indoor and outdoor** applications
  • 85-264 VAC and 120-370 VDC, or 9-36 VDC (optional)
  • Pushbutton programming that makes the system easy to use
  • Can be adjusted for three individual contact closures within the detection range
  • Visible light that provides easier alignment and quick set-up

System Includes:

  • 10 meter sensor cable standard (additional lengths available upon request)
  • Laser support unit
  • 2 x 2 ft. reflector
  • Laser
  • Mounting bracket

*Runway length may be greater than detection range

**System may not operate properly in direct sunlight or inclement weather conditions

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