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Safety Training

The Importance of Quality Crane Training

Crane accidents are a serious matter. The sheer size and weight of the equipment involved mean that half of them with injuries end in death. At least 90 percent are the result of human error, the most common of which is operators exceeding the crane’s operational capacity. Proper crane training should mean your operators know

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Safety Training

How Should You Inspect Your Fall Arrest Safety System?

Each year, there are 37.3 million falls globally that are severe enough to warrant medical attention. Are your workers safe from falls? Have you inspected your fall arrest safety system lately? If not, do you know how to properly inspect it to ensure your employees are safe? Keep reading to learn the steps for inspecting

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Freestanding 15 ton double girder dual 15 ton hoists R&M Kit
Overhead Crane

Overhead Crane Operator Safety Training

Per ASME B30.2 standard: “This is required training towards the certification of an overhead crane operator.” An Automation World survey showed that workers prioritize reaching production targets over following safety guidelines. From the same survey, 74% of workers believe that training is the most important step in creating a safe working environment.  When it comes to heavy machinery creating a

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