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Anver Mechanical Self-Powered Vacuum Generators

  • ANVER Mechanical Vacuum Lifters are suitable for 100% duty cycle 24 hour a day operation.
  • They never overheat or burn out.
  • Easy to Maintain and Keep Operating in Heavy Production Environments.
  • ANVER Mechanical Vacuum Generators comply fully with and meet the standards of US ANSI ASME Standard B30.20 for below-the-hook lifting devices, as well as complying with OSHA and European requirements.

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Mechanical Lifting Generator
Up to 18,000 LB (8,165 kg)


  • Instant attach and release is provided via the hoist up and down movement
  • Simple to operate. One person can control the entire operation
  • Easy to maintain and keep operating in heavy production environments
  • Able to handle a variety of sheet sizes
  • Extremely safe. Load cannot be released until it is set down on a surface
  • Capable of 100% duty cycle, 24 hour a day operation

Standard on Each Generator:

  • Vacuum gauge
  • Battery operated VLS, vacuum loss sensor and warning system
  • Front, adjustable pivoting handle-bar
  • Two shut-off valves with locking push-button, 3/8″ NPT port (front/back)

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