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Vacuum Lifting and Vacuum Lift Tube Systems

Vacuum lifters and vacuum lift tube systems are ideal, cost effective solutions for handling bags, boxes, cartons, sheet materials, drums and other common payloads. We can provide vacuum lifting special tooling for every imaginable payload: electronic and computer system components, refractory, signature logs, pallets, furniture, reels, rolls and multiple payload handling, cartons and rubber bales for more productive palletizing or depalletizing. We can handle payloads over 4,000 pounds or more.

Shannahan Ergonomics & Technology is pleased to represent Schmalz vacuum lifters and vacuum lift tube systems with many years of proven vacuum lifter solutions in a broad range of industries.

Custom vacuum tooling is our specialty. We offer the widest range of standard and special vacuum tooling available. If a vacuum tooling solution hasn't been invented yet, we will invent one for you.

Shannahan and Schmalz can meet your vacuum handling needs from component handling for assembly, final product handling, packaging materials handling, packaged product handling, to storage and shipping.

Our vacuum lifter products suit all manufacturing environments:

  • Warehouse or production floor
  • Hazardous and explosion proof
  • Low headroom
  • Wash down
  • Food and pharmaceutical grade components in stainless steel

We offer three ranges of vacuum lift tube systems:


    With a twist grip similar to that on a motorcycle, this version can handle light and heavy loads quickly and precisely.

    It is suitable for stacking objects on the ground or at heights of up to 6 to 7 feet.


    For handling heavy and unwieldy loads in rough surroundings or in the open air, the JumboSprint is the best solution. The operator grips it with two hands and can position the lifting unit, with its load of sacks, flagstones, rocks, etc., precisely.


    The JumboHandy with its one-hand operation is ideal for light loads which have to be moved quickly and in large quantities. This "small" Jumbo is available in two versions.

    Version 1 has a "pistol-grip" for precise movement and positioning at benchtop height.

    Version 2 has a "bow handle" for ergonomic guidance over a large lifting range. The JumboHandy is always controlled with only one hand, leaving the other hand free for positioning and mounting.

Examples of Use:


JumboErgo with double gripper for cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes.

JumboErgo with swiveling operator handle for placing objects on high stacks.

Round gripper for handling barrels.

Loading machine tools.



JumboSprint with sack gripper for plastic and paper sacks.

Handling of exposed aggregate and natural stone slabs.

Jumbo made of stainless steel for use in the foodstuffs industry.



Handling of small cardboard boxes with a JumboHandy with bow handle, maximum load 65 pounds.

Handling of barrels weighing up to 65 pounds in explosion-risk areas with a JumboHandy with pistol grip.


Vacuum Lifting Devices VacuMaster for Effortless Handling of Heavy Loads

The lifting devices, VacuMaster, simplify your daily handling tasks, particularly when heavy loads have to be moved. Work pieces weighing up to 4,400 pounds can be lifted with the standard models. There are almost no limits to the possible applications: metal sheets, coils, sheets of wood, planks and beams, stones and rocks, barrels, ... - no problem for the VacuMaster!

Loads which, in the past, had to be moved by several persons can now be handled easily and safely by a single person.

Horizontal Handling

Five load classes (125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000) permit selection of the optimum VacuMaster model for your payloads. For loads with airtight surfaces, there are virtually no limits to the possible applications.

Swivelling by 90° and Turning Through 180°

In many cases, lifting devices are needed with which loads can not only be lifted and moved in a horizontal position, but also swiveled by 90° or turned through 180°. The VacuMaster series offers these functions on the models with lifting capacities of 275, 550 and 1,100 pounds. The loads can be swiveled or turned either with variable-speed electric motors or with electromechanical linear cylinders.

For applications assistance and technical details regarding vacuum lift tube or vacuum lifting device solutions for your special vacuum lifting applications please contact Shannahan Ergonomics & Technology today.

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