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Ergonomic Lifts - Special Lift Assists

Highly repetitive lifting of awkward payloads is one of the more challenging tasks for ergonomic improvement. Shannahan Ergonomics & Technology has numerous special and custom designed ergonomic lifts and lift assist solutions to solve your special lifting challenges.

The best approach to ergonomic lifts and lift assists is to get a high level of input from the workers who will be using the ergonomic lifts along with careful analysis of the job design and work process. In some cases, job redesign may be required in order to make it feasible to use a special lift assist in a highly repetitive task. We will be pleased to help guide and direct you though this process.

Some examples of ergonomic lifts and special lift assists shown here include:

  • Handling air conditioning compressors to load and unload a paint line with a pneumatic clamping tool that incorporates 90 degree powered pitching
  • Handling an automotive drive shaft for decking to the chassis on the production line with a pneumatic clamping tool
  • Handling a stack of cartons in the flat with a pneumatic clamping tool to load a carton erector magazine
  • Handling a truck hood using a specially designed vacuum lift assist
  • Handling nine rolls of material for a tier at a time palletizing application

The best solution to ergonomic lifts and lift assist applications is usually the more simple solution and our approach is based on the keep it as simple as possible philosophy.

For applications assistance and technical details regarding our ergonomic lifts and special lift assist solutions please contact Shannahan Ergonomics & Technology today.

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