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Magnetek IMPULSE®•G+ Series 4





IMPULSE•G+ Series 4 Adjustable Frequency Crane Controls

The Next Generation of Crane Performance


Both Magnetek’s Impulse G+ and Impulse VG+ Series 4 Drives are a continuation of the product line of Magnetek’s reliable and cost effective adjustable frequency crane controls.  Series 4 Drives are offered now as a replacement to previous Series 2 and Series 3 products.


Impulse G+ Series 4 Open Loop Variable Frequency Drives are commonly used for traverse motions such as bridge and trolley or for hoisting motions on hoists with mechanical load brakes.


Non-mechanical load brake hoist units require Magnetek VG+ closed loop control with encoder feedback.



Additional features of Impulse G+ Series 4 Drives:

Load Check II

Provides protection against dangerous hoist overloaded conditions.


Safe Torque Off

Redundant safety circuit guaranteeing motor and brake power are removed when E-stop switch opens the drive input.



Single menu drive setup for commonly used parameters.


Impulse-Link 4.1

Magnetek's diagnostics systems for basic and wireless diagnostics provide easy parameter management with your PC.



Impulse G+ and VG+ Series 4 Drives are backed by Magnetek's industry leading 3-year warranty.



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